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Our image is the first contact we make with others, it’s the first factor of non-verbal communication, it is therefore essential.

First impressions are always key and the image that is communicated is 93 % based on gestures, attitude and clothing and physical appearance.

Why call on an image consultant?

My profession as an Image Consultant

I will accompany you through a process of self-exploration in order to help you define your expectations and become aware of you visual identity.

The appropriation of a new style or of a new image is similar to a metamorphosis. My role is to accompany you all along this process of transformation by giving you the tools to enhance your appearance, rebuilt your image and gain self-confidence and ease. It is for me also an enriching and intensely gratifying experience.

Our approach is to analyze the main subjects that define your image: style, figure, colorimetry, make up, dressing habits and body language.