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Personal Shopper - Narimen
Personal Shopper - Narimen

Narimen, Image Specialist

Image has always been a concern for centuries

Contrarily to what one could believe, image is not a concern of the 21st century, promoted by television and magazines.

Starting from the Renaissance, Catherine de Medicis, Queen of France, advised on the colors one must favor or avoid wearing for important encounters in order to guaranty the success of France. As a she was a widow, she was always dressed in black from head to toe, all the while imposing and mastering her image.

Madame de Pompadour, Louis XV’s mistress, who felt abandoned by the latter, created a female entourage and gave them advice on attire, hairdo, colors, make up, manners… in order to maintain control over the King.

Marie Antoinette, as for her, was established minister of fashion, with the help of her counselor Rose de Bertin who stood beside the ladies of the court.

In the 19th century, the French Haute Bourgeoisie resorted to “fashion counselors” in order to match colors according to their fair, rose tinted, golden, warm or tanned complexion, eye or hair color.

Narimen, Image Consulting

Today, more than ever, image has become a essential part of communication. Narimen is a continuity of this long tradition of counsellors and offers her tailor-made services to help you enhance your image.

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